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  • MALI: What is the impact of COVID-19 on women’s right to social security?

    In Mali, COVID-19 seriously affected women’s right to social security. In order to talk about the issue and better inform the general public, employers and decision makers for improving access to women rights, JHR organized an interactive on-air forum. Aired by Radio ENERGY FM in Bamako, a JHR media partner in the country, this program

  • MAURITANIA: The impact of COVID-19 on children’s education

    The impact of COVID-19 on children’s education By El Hassan Mohamed El Hussein Like the rest of the world, Mauritania has suffered from the Corona crisis, and the social life of people has been affected by the closure and the imposition of curfews, which has exacerbated the suffering, especially the suffering of low-income people. After

  • IRAQ: Women’s education woes worsening during COVID-19

    Umm Shaima, 45 years old, does not wish that the fate of her three daughters will be without education; it is enough that she has “tasted both things because she is illiterate,” as she puts it, and says, “Whoever does not have a certificate today is not worth anything; there is no job, no future,

  • IRAQ: The increase of child labor in Kurdistan during COVID-19

    By Noor Ali The number of children and adolescents at risk of falling into poverty and losing their rights has doubled from one to two out of every five children or 40% of all children. Other factors for the growth of poverty are unemployment, continuing financial pressure on families, and loss of access to schools

  • New Accepting 2021 Applications: The Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship

    The Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship at Massey College in the University of Toronto The objective of the fellowship is to encourage improvement in journalism by offering to qualified men and women an opportunity to broaden their horizons by studying in a university setting. The Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship at Massey College in the University

  • We need YOU to join JHR this Holiday Season as we #CelebrateTheDisruptors.

    THANK YOU to everyone who helped us launch our Celebrate the Disruptors campaign this #GivingTuesday! Since we launched, we have already raised $21,021 of our $30,000 goal.  BUT we aren’t done yet! Click here to donate TODAY.  We still need YOU to support us as we continue to celebrate our brave disruptors this holiday season:

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