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  • August 14 2021: Iraqi government promises to build three mental health centers

    This week’s highlights School for teen mothers in Kenya gets support Iraqi government promises to build three mental health centers Have you reserved your seats at Night For Rights?  Webinar: COVID-19 & the triple threat of poverty, inequality and unemployment in South Africa  School for teen mothers in Kenya gets support  Greenland Girls’ staff and students

  • What Journalists Should Know about International Human Rights Mechanisms

    In September 2019, JHR’s Program Manager and Chief of Content in Jordan Mohammad Shamma had the opportunity to participate in the Universal Rights Group (URG) implemented Media Engagement Programme as part of the 42nd meeting of the UN Human Rights Council with the support of the Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations in

  • Women’s health in the Syrian diaspora: lack of awareness of family planning

        By Nisreen Anabli Soumaya pointed at her baby boy in a picture. He passed away few months ago in a hospital in Gaziantep in Turkey. He had a malignant disease. Says the 31-year-old Syrian refugee: “I have four girls. He was my only boy. I lost him a little while ago.” Eyed was

  • Syria Project: Gaziantep – Day 1

    Originally published by Bill Fortier on CTV News Edmonton. I think it’s safe to assume that Reem Haleb still has a scar from where a bullet broke her skin five years ago. Today, Haleb runs Nasaem Radio Syria, a station broadcasting out of Gaziantep, Turkey. In 2012, she was shooting footage of a protest in

  • Refugees’ camps, where suffering is yet to end.

    Sunday, 12 March, 2017 Hiba “al-Hayat” Obaidat I stopped writing for a good period of time. I no longer have the ability to follow such a weary and problematic file that has almost proved to be the most difficult in my career as a journalist. This file has been an ethical dilemma when it comes

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