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  • Powering a Maternity Hospital in Sierra Leone

    A maternity hospital in Sierra Leone was left without power for two weeks. This caused several deaths and because mosquitoes were drawn to the hospital, many people contracted malaria. Mafereh Kargbo, a patient at PCMH, mentioned the lack of involvement from government officials. “The three political parties need to come here and see how people

  • Keeping the Disabled on the Public Agenda in Sierra Leone

    It is estimated that 450,000 disabled people are living in Sierra Leone. This includes the blind, deaf, people with polio, and the war wounded and amputees. At present, the government does not provide anything specifically for people living with disabilities. This story profiles disabled street beggars, and takes a closer look at their daily struggle,

  • The Concord Times encourages discussion about the low number of female candidates during the election

    jhr-trainer, Danny Glenwright and numerous journalists at The Concord Times tirelessly reported on the low number of female candidates in the 2007 parliamentary election – interviewing past female politicians, profiling female candidates, and providing statistics throughout their coverage. Because of the countless stories on women’s issues and number of female candidates during the election, various

  • Sierra Leonean journalist wins human rights award

    Rachel Horner, a Sierra Leonean and jhr-trained journalist, was honored in 2008 with a jhr award for outstanding performance and lasting contribution to the field of investigative and human rights reporting in Sierra Leone. She was also selected to attend an international conference on Global Investigative Journalism in Norway. Horner, also the Secretary General of

  • jhr-inspired documentary suspends harmful blasting in Sierra Leone

    In 2009 the local road authority in Sierra Leone hired a Chinese construction company to conduct explosions in a quarry, south of the city of Bo. The explosions created large cracks and collapsed roofs in many homes in a nearby village. Local villagers complained of mental and physical distress because of the blasting.   Unconfirmed

  • jhr trained journalist improves voter education in Sierra Leone

    During the first round of Sierra Leone’s 2007 presidential and parliamentary election, 7.3% of the 1.9 million votes cast were considered invalid. jhr-trained journalist, Ibrahim Tarawallie reported at The Concord Times that this number was unreasonably high compared to other post-conflict countries: Liberia at 3%, Ghana at 2% and Iraq at 1%. The National Electoral

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