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  • Media pushes for investigations against police in multiple shootings

    On April 21, 2006, four people were shot dead in a police chase to catch alleged robbers in another car. Apparently, the local police shot the victims of the crime rather than the perpetrators. One month later another boy was shot in front of his home by police in yet another pursuit to catch robbers.

  • A jhr-trained journalist is one of very few Ghanaian reporters to visit a witch camp

    In 2005, Ramana Shareef, a jhr-trained journalist at Metro TV, reported a story on the Gambaga Witches Camp in an attempt to personalize the elderly women that had all been banished from their villages. Because of the stigma that surrounds witchcraft in Ghana, many journalists refuse, in fear, to report on the topic. Shareef claims

  • Gay rights activist spreads his message in Ghana

    A local journalist, through jhr training, prompted the first ever discussion on gay rights in Ghana on Joy’s Super Radio Show, a daily news program that reaches a quarter of Ghana’s population. The newscasts included interviews with a gay rights activist, human rights lawyer and an official from Ghana’s AIDS Commission, touching on topics such

  • Securing Funds from Children’s Aid in Ghana

    In July of 2007, a young boy, who lived two hours from Radio Justice in Tamale, was chased out of his family’s home because he lost the family’s donkey. When he tried to return home, his uncle refused him saying that he may only go back if he finds the lost donkey. The boy decided

  • Rose gets her life back

    Inspired by jhr training, a local journalist from TV and radio media outlet Skyy Power in Ghana produced a documentary about twenty-six year old Rose Amina Abdulai who had her right arm and the fingers on her left hand cut off by her boyfriend. As her story was profiled throughout Ghana, empathy for Rose’s plight

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