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  • Trafficked child is united with family thanks to JHR-trained journalist Maxwell Suuk

    Because of a story by JHR-trained journalist Maxwell Suuk, a nine year old Nigerian boy trafficked into Ghana has returned to his family.   Suuk learned that a young boy working at a shop selling motorcycle parts in Tamale, Ghana was not attending school, so he decided to investigate. After much patience and persistence, Suuk

  • JHR stops toxic waste dumping in Accra

    Thanks to an investigation by Richard Sky, a JHR-trained journalist with CITI FM in Accra, Ghana, Accra municipal authorities have assured city residents that toxic medical waste will no longer be dumped into their water supply.   Military Hospital 37 is one of Ghana’s oldest medical facilities. Just over a year ago the pipe meant to take medical

  • JHR tackles electoral coverage in West Africa

    William Yaw Owusu is a journalist with Ghana’s Daily Guide newspaper, based in Accra. Recently, he returned from an exchange trip to Sierra Leone, organized by JHR and sponsored by the Commonwealth Foundation. Prior to the trip, he had hosted visiting journalists from Sierra Leone in his newsroom in Accra.   According to Yaw Owusu,

  • New Hope for Accra’s Most Notorious Slum

    jhr-led Magazine Sets Agenda for a Brighter Future in Ghana’s Old Fadama   On June 4th, 2011, jhr (Journalists for Human Rights) collaborated with students from the African University College of Communications (AUCC) to launch Faces of Old Fadama, a magazine created to put a human face on the largest “slum” in Ghana. Attended by

  • Staffing a Northern Clinic in Ghana

    By Martin Aseidu Dartey & Shawn Hayward, Citi FM, Ghana   For two years, the clinic in Dzogadze, Ghana, had not had a nurse on staff. The closest hospital is eight miles away on a dirt road that is impassable when it rains.   When jhr intern Shawn Hayward heard about this, he knew it

  • jhr’s IYIP interns in Ghana and Malawi: A journey in rights media

    by Pia Bahile   Getting There “By the time you get on the plane, you’ve worried yourself out,” says Jessica McDiarmid. “You’re just like, ‘Whatever happens, happens.” That’s how McDiarmid recalls July 8, the day that she left Canada for Ghana with nine other young journalists. The ten young people were on their way to

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