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  • DRC: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

    By Prince Murhula Prince Murhula is the Project Manager at JHR – DRC. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country that continues to record a significantly high number of assassinations, threats and assaults against journalists. According to a 2018 report by the NGO Journalists in Danger (JED), 12 Journalists were killed during the 17

  • DRC: When security forces track “compromising” anti-regime images in cell phones

    By Prince Murhula In the Democratic Republic of Congo, hundreds of people were arrested after their phones were subjected to impromptu searches by security forces. This practice was deemed illegal by human rights defenders “I was arrested because I had a picture of a caricature of Kabila in my phone with a caption that said

  • En RDC, comme pour l’Ebola, il faut lutter contre la désinformation sur le Coronavirus

      Photo: video de JHR. Dr. Chasumba Kangela De Prince Murhula Le 10 mars, la République démocratique du Congo a libéré le dernier patient de l’épidémie de l’Ebola dans le centre de Beni à l’est du pays. Le même jour, le pays a enregistré son premier patient atteint du coronavirus dans la capitale de Kinshasa.

  • A Vocational Training School inspired by JHR’s Approach to Training Gets Accredited!

    Two and a half years after launching, a technical journalism training school led by JHR journalist Prince Murhula and inspired by JHR’s approach to vocational training gets accredited to grant degrees in journalism education in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Says student Aristote Safari Makusudi, student at ETJ: “I am able to

  • Journalist Freddy Mata reports in from Geneva

    Nine journalists from Africa, America, Europe and Asia, benefited from the media engagement program on the work being done by the United Nations Human Rights Council. Several important players in the human rights sector, including NGOs and the ambassadors of a few countries, explained to the participants the priorities for the 33rd Human Rights Council

  • The impact of DRC’s violent clashes on local media

    Blog by: Munor Kabondo, DRC  Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was at the centre of the violence that erupted on September 19th, 2016. The clashes took place between law enforcement agents and opposition activists who were demanding for a  presidential election to take place by the end of 2016, as

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