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  • “Activists and journalists in Afghanistan are heroes”: Shakor Kamran, investigative journalist

    After being evacuated from Afghanistan by JHR, investigative journalist Shakor Kamran is currently sheltering in a third country while he waits for a long-term visa to arrive.  A resident of Gardez city in the southeastern Paktia province of Afghanistan, Shakor Kamran has been a journalist for over 10 years. His career as a journalist began

  • Urgency in Afghanistan demands leadership and solutions

      Urgency in Afghanistan     Yesterday, Ariana News TV journalist Hamid Saighani was killed in an explosion in Kabul. This brings the total number of reported killings of journalists in Afghanistan in 2021 to 9. Seven of those killings took place after the fall of Kabul, proving the point that the risk profile for

  • Statement on Remembrance Day: Honouring the fallen by keeping our promise to Afghans

    Toronto, November 11, 2021 — On November 11 each year, Canadians pause to remember our country’s brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect Canada’s freedoms and bring about peace and stability all over the world. We owe our veterans an incredible debt of gratitude for their sacrifice and also salute the thousands of men

  • NEWSLETTER: November 7 – 18 more vulnerable Afghans evacuated amidst mounting dangers in Afghanistan

      November 7, 2021 This week’s highlights 18 more vulnerable Afghans evacuated amidst mounting dangers in Afghanistan NIGHT FOR RIGHTS: Hear from Afghan-Canadian human rights advocate Roya Shams Genders officers in Kenya get essential media literacy training JHR speaks up on International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists 18 more vulnerable Afghans evacuated

  • NEWSLETTER: September 11 – Progress and challenges in Afghanistan

      September 11, 2021 This week’s highlights: Progress and challenges in Afghanistan Webinar: Meet the Indigenous Solutions Collaborative! We’re hiring: Junior Curriculum Research And Development Associate There’s still time to reserve your seats at Night For Rights 2021 Progress and challenges in Afghanistan It’s been two of the longest and most intense weeks in JHR’s

  • EMAIL UPDATE: September 3 – The way forward for Afghanistan

    September 3, 2021 The allied NATO forces have now left Kabul, and Journalists for Human Rights is working on the ground with a coalition of concerned Canadian journalists all over the world and several media, women’s rights and human rights organizations to determine routes out for Afghan journalists and human rights defenders trapped in the

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