4th Annual Human Rights Reporting Award in Jordan

JHR held the fourth annual Human Rights Reporting Award in Jordan on December 1, 2018 in partnership with the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ). The award is made possible through JHR’s work in Jordan supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan.

The award aims to encourage journalists to improve the quality and coverage of human rights issues, contribute to a positive impact on society and support public dialogue on human rights issues in Jordan.

Award winners (L to R): Hiba Abu Taha, Melad Alzoubi and Sonia Zghoul/Photo Credit: JHR Jordan

First Place Report:
Title: As an Excuse for Honor, Women are Deprived their Freedom in Jordan
By: Melad Alzoubi
Originally published by: Jordan Media Insitute (Digital Media)
To read the story in Arabic click here.

Second place Report (tie):
Title: Events behind bars in cases shook the community
By: Sonia Zghoul
Originally published by: Ammannet
To read the story in Arabic click here.

Second Place Report (tie):
Title: Transgender Men and Women Forge their Way towards Unprotected Rights
By: Hiba Abu Taha
Originally published by: MyKali Magazine
To read the story in Arabic click here. To read the English translation, click here.

Three certificates of appreciation were also distributed:
Title: Children of “Cleft lip”… Marginalization and medical services modest
By: Muna Abu Hammour
Originally published by: Al Ghad Newspaper. Read the story in Arabic here.

Title: Tracking the trafficking in human kidneys between Jordan, Egypt and China
By: Jalal Abu Salah
Originally published by: Al Ghad Newspaper. Read the story in Arbaic here.

Title: Universities are the strongholds of public freedoms, not places of suppression
By: Linda Eid, Arwa Al-Tamini and Hind Al-Essa
Originally pubished by Annaja7 Radio Website. To read and listen in Arabic, click here.

The selection jury consisted of six academics and journalists: Dr. Nahida Mukhadema, Mrs. Bayan Tal, Mrs. Sawsan Zaideh, Mr. Musab Al-Shawabkeh and Mr. Fadi Al-Qadi.

The evaluation process was based upon the following criteria:

  1. Choosing the topic and the difficulty of information access
  2. Expansion in research.
  3. Degree of clarity and narrative style.
  4. Legal content.
  5. Tools and Modern creative resources used, such as data and statistics.
  6. The impact or results achieved by the report at all levels relevant to the issue at hand.

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